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Drennon Constructions and Consulting Inc. is a family owned, Alaskan based, civil construction company formed in Fairbanks, Alaska during the spring of 2005. Formed by president Roy Drennon, and V.P. Tara Drennon, after an opportunity to branch out on their own was realized when their first contract with URS came about, this contract would ultimately provide QAR/QC, and Engineering services, for the construction of the New Bassett Hospital on Ft. Wainwright, Alaska for the next five years. Having grown up in interior Alaska, Mr. Drennon along with Mrs. Drennon and their two young children where quick to jump at the opportunity of moving home to the small town feel of Fairbanks to raise their children, this opportunity was  provided in 2000 by Mr. Drennon’s employer at the time, and would be a catalyst to build a new home and start a new life. This new life would come in the form of a promotion to project manager, managing the  outside plant maintenance, upgrades, and emergency response, on GCI’s recently acquired fiber optic system running from Valdez to Dead horse Alaska. Over the next 5 years Mr. Drennon would go on to successfully manage over 1000 live exposures of GCI’s fiber optic system for O and M work, without a single strike to GCI’s live system. These upgrades over the years ultimately provided GCI with a much more dependable system, and efficient system, operating with little disruption to this day.


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